June 09, 2002

The weekend was a partial washout. I decided not to go to the Mercury Lounge last night when I realized I was more broke than I'd thought, and the thing I thought was happening today actually happened yesterday -- which I kinda knew but somehow forgot. (Bored yet? Me too.) But I got some very nice e-mail... three missives from various members of Pretty Girls Make Graves thanking me for the "awesome" review, and one from a U. of Oregon student who discovered me through I Love Music. And in an IM today, one of my favorite people in the world, Guyana Punch Line singer Chris Bickel, asked me for a favor:

When the ball starts rolling a little more with all of these projects I've got, I'm gonna need to start thinking about press/hype. Since in all my life no one has ever done a decent interview with me, I was wondering if maybe you'd interview me.

My answer: an emphatic hell yes.