June 21, 2002

What?? Vanessa Carlton covers "Paint It, Black"? Oh dear.

Update: Vanessa pretends to be Tori Amos gothing it up in front of a Tex-Mex/dub hybrid. It's 100% contrived; something tells me this squeaky little overachiever's never looked up from her piano (or pried her lips off the proverbial Record Company Cock) long enough to feel malaise about ANYTHING. The Stones' "Paint It, Black" had an air of menace that suggested Jagger's depression was way down in the stinkyrottingcorpse sooty tarpits of deepest hottest hell. I hear Carlton attempting this and all I can think of is stuck-up blondyhead ack-tress Leelee Sobieski playing a nosepierced hoody mopemeister alongside Albert Brooks in My First Mister -- I didn't buy that, either.