June 03, 2002

Courtesy of NYLPM:

"In an ideal world, Walker would have rocked his cradle and indoctrinated his offspring with the songs of the Sex Pistols and the Clash, but they are far too noisy and contain rude words. The solution was to come up with Punk Rock Baby, a whole album of instrumental lullaby versions of punk-rock classics - Pretty Vacant, White Riot and the rest - done in a soothing style 'so as not to damage little ears'."

What we have here is another old fart trying to pawn off his nostalgia on his children, in the least offensive way possible. Johnny Rotten sang "I wanna destroy passersby" and I hope by that he meant the eardrums of little tykes tugging the sleeves of their bald and lardy kinfolk. What's next, Anal Cunt Brand Oatmeal?