June 03, 2002

I've been alerted to a new band outta Cleveland (and Cleveland RAWKS -- right, Drew Carey?) called the Chargers Street Gang. They're playing here on the 28th, at Warsaw in Brooklyn. I've only heard one mp3, "Black and Tan," but my impression so far is that the music is very male, real aggro party stuff, and that turns me off. Comparisons tossed around: Stooges, MC5. MC5 were way more melodic and bluesy (and FUNNY). Stooges? No, Iggy was too effeminate and nihilistic. I like the Chargers' energy, but three minutes with these guys and I can tell exactly what kind of people they are -- recovering fratboys date-raping their way through the rock 'n' roll hall of punk. You bring the roofies, I'll bring the pepper spray.

Good news: They're on the same bill as (of all people) legendary Scottish 'wavers the Rezillos. An odd pairing, but then again, I'm not familiar with any of the other bands appearing that night. More as this story develops.