June 02, 2002

Summer in New York: nothing quite like it. Today was one of the great lazy days. Brunch at Odessa on Ave. A, cotton-candy-flavored Italian ices on 1st Ave., and oh, the oppressive heat, speshly in my apartment where there's very little ventilation and my air-conditioner is weaker than a paraplegic dwarf after a good toss across the bar (offer me a better analogy and I'll edit it in). I wish my Walkman weren't broken, but after two years of active duty, maybe it's time to decorate it and call it a civilian.

Saw a poster for a music festival happening on the Lower East Side on June 8, but I can't find any online information on the whens and wheres and whos, except that the super-nifty Flux Information Sciences (who describe their new, leaner/meaner sound as "an electronic James Brown on battery acid") will be performing at 6 p.m, at some undisclosed location alongside the East River. MP3s here.