June 06, 2002

Can't sleep what with this heat so I'm link-hopping.

James Squeaky (aka Mister Ridiculous) outta Portland does a rock site called Sincere Brutality.

Pretty good, although he's dumm for calling Television's guitar sound "wanky" (not at all -- Verlaine/Lloyd were cocky and cool, like Max Fischer in his classroom fantasy at the beginning of Rushmore, calmly striding up to the blackboard, cup of tea in hand, needing nary a pause or second thought to answer The World's Hardest Math Problem)...

...and for frothing at the mouth over Mary Timony (you KNOW she would lose at least half her audience -- straight men and les/bi women -- if she weren't so fucking fuckworthy).

In his FAQ/mission statement, he says "I think it's really confusing and difficult to trust publications that have reviews by a lot of different people," and as a veteran of such publications, I tend to agree.