April 23, 2005

Various and sundry (unordered):

1) April Power Hacks ("16. Consider using a desk") from 43 Folders.

2) French things, from France (Les Olivensteins - "Fier de ne Rien Faire" and Jacqueline Taib - "7 Heures du Matin" mp3s). (I know the Taib track shows up here and there on frogpop comps, but most non-francophile music fans worth their fleur de sel are probably unaware of the song.)

3) Key Food's eight-green-plantains-for-a-dollar sale. I pan-fried one tonight for dinner, and I can't wait to find out what I can do with the others.

4) Social Explorer's Interactive 2000 Census Map and what Ishbadiddle calls the National Gaydar System (aka "where the [self-reported] gays and lesbians are ... at least the ones who are in couples"). Includes red states too!

5) TheBoxTank's report on Wal-Mart bingo games.

6) Food/wine blogger Amuse Bouche. Right off the bat, his bio page mentions fondnesses for V&T's and Zabar's -- could this be love?


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