June 10, 2003

Forgive me father; it's been nine days since my last post. Been busy and shit, plus Blogger's been down, plus my internet connection has been acting screwy. Highlight of the past week or so: seeing the temporarily reunited Rocket From the Tombs at Maxwell's (great old band, great old club) and having the show kick the puny kiester of any reunion gig I've ever been to. God bless David Thomas, that hulking, lurching, menacing, darling teddybear of a man and his imposing girth and his cane and his dance moves. God bless Cheetah Chrome, who looks like death in a microwave and sang an "Ain't It Fun" so chilling and visceral it made me never wanna touch any drug hard soft narcotic recreational prescription OTC alcohol banana peels nutmeg whatever ever again. And Richard Lloyd, sitting in for the tour -- he didn't do much, but I love him anyway. This was a good, short bit of hit-and-run punk rock; they did their hits, stayed about an hour, didn't pad the set out with underrehearsed covers or subpar new songs (I don't think that'd be the case though; the recent Ubu stuff has been terrific).

Liked the opening band too (from Cleveland as well; didn't catch their name but I have the flyer around here someplace). Bar-band punk with actual songs and actual playing -- singer reminded me of Craig Finn (Lifter Puller/The Hold Steady) and David Lowery, with even MORE cynicism if that's possible.