May 23, 2003

Note to J0hn Darn1e11e: When you eventually move into your "underground Idaho bunker," I'm coming along.

Related topic (insofar as Darn1e11e's topic is "paying for music," and insofar as he's a fan of the following band): If you'd like to toss a few coins into the Walter Becker/Donald Fagen coffer, Reprise Records is offering an mp3 of Steely Dan's new single, "Blues Beach", for $1.49. I should, and perhaps I will as an act of good faith, but I'll admit to having nicked "Blues Beach" from WinMX first to see how it was -- hey, I like it! Groovy late-model Dan bizfunk, nothing terribly ambitious, sorta more or less the Sanford and Son theme played by sarcastic muso-jewsos, talkin' bout "scraping bottom ... groping in the dark" and makin' reference to a "stoned soul picnic" (mystery Steely Dan/Laura Nyro connection: Gary Katz). It's no "You Gotta Walk It Like You Talk It," but what is?