April 12, 2003

I like Lou Reed's "The Bed" for sounding like a Leonard Cohen cribnote of Lee Hazlewood's "Some Velvet Morning" as meant to score an early '70s laundry-detergent commercial in which the pitchmistress/heroine swallows the detergent. Lou Reed's pretty good at this beautiful-music gig; even the Carpenters had their Klaatu moment, even more bizarre really than any chemically derived abyss-gazing on Berlin, so if Lou'd kept at it steada goin all Rathke-distorto and "writing" Kiss lyrics he coulda been the next John Denver (except wait, John beat Lou at his own wildside-walking game by not just gazing all englishmajorly at the abyss but flying his fucking plane INTO it) (Rocky Mountain Buh-Bye!) or Dick "Hello, Please Kick Me" Hyman!