April 21, 2003

"...to put it in terms rudimentary enough for the unitiated (and myself) to comprehend, Giorgio Moroder decided to make disco with computers and ergo drew up the blueprint for techno. That's simple enough. But there's so much baggage included with that whole evolution, things that've been written about ad nauseam, that I can't shed the same light on this that hasn't been used to sun-fade the pristine white into a crumbly beige: the voice of the erotic versus the pulse of the mechanic; the usage of mathematical programming to stimulate the impulses inherent in human emotion; ones and zeros versus the 4/4. What gets me: Summer's exclamations are sentiments pared down to their most basic essence -- 'It's so good. I feel love. I got you.' -- with hardly a word more than four letters and one syllable long. It doesn't use any language a two year-old couldn't immediately understand." --Nate Patrin on "I Feel Love"