January 20, 2003

Last night I braved the elements and went to see Luomo (a/k/a Vladislav Delay) with Geeta, Jen, and Matos at a somewhat-new Ludlow St. club called Pianos (the place steals its name from its prior signage -- it used to be a piano shop). Luomo's followup to the swank-yet-subtle microhouse touchstone Vocalcity comes out this year, and most of what he played at this show was (great) new material, with a few exceptions -- like "The Present Lover" (which brought the house down) and "Tessio." It should also be noted that Delay is a helluva sexy guy; normally I don't go for the wispy-albino look, but this man looks like a swishy, introverted Finnish porn star, with muscles begging to burst out of his slight, translucent-skinned frame, and a tank top to show it all off. Rowr.