June 18, 2002

Couplet of the day:

What's in that thermos, man?
Your female's a garbage can.

--Kristin Hersh, "Gazebo Tree"

So I'm anticipating the big comeback of the Indie '90s. Indie schmindie, you say? I say I can't fucking breathe with all the musical innovation happening right now, all the turntabling and laptopping and synthesizing. No, we don't need a raveup rock revival -- we've already got something pretending to be that -- but hey, could Pavement be ANY more out of style these days? They're so out they're ready to come back in, and all the kids who don't like them but aren't really sure why can have another listen, decide that they've been horribly mistaken all these years, learn to love 'em, and insist on carrying the news all over this vast internet of ours -- PAVEMENT IST RAD HA HA HA HA HA. Stephen Malkmus is really like intelligent! The Mark E. Smith of his generation! Here, look at this New Yorker article I found! No, not the New York review that called them "irrelevant"! The article that quotes "Shady Lane" and calls 'em part of the new ____ of literary ____!"