May 30, 2002

Going through my e-mail this afternoon, I saw something in an announcement message from They Might Be Giants: a link to a CultureDose review of No.

You'll notice that I link to CultureDose a lot. I used to write for those guys; I was an editor there and basically helped build the site from the ground up. I have many friends who are still on staff. Out of acknowledgment for all my hard work and all theirs, I'm happy to promote certain articles.

That doesn't mean I don't have qualms about the site as a whole -- the writing tends to be haphazard, pedestrian, or simply wrongheaded, worse than even Pitchfork by the power of ten. And to be perfectly straightforward, a few of the staffers just rub me the wrong way. Not news to anyone who knows me well, but there ya have it.

I have to wonder whether TMBG ever looked around the site and noticed the two pieces I wrote about them: my review of Lincoln and my recap of their McSweeney's literary evening. I'm proud of those.