May 23, 2002

As a longtime Hole apologist, I'm sorry to hear the news that they've finally called it quits.

I wish I still had the piece I attempted about what a great, theatrical, vulnerable, miserable, catchy song "Doll Parts" is. I talked about how the emotional texture of it is something any biologically adult female can relate to -- it sounds like waking up on the second day of your period, water weight bearing you down like it's a leaden anchor, cramps, blood, aches, carnage, sweating through your ripped nylon nightgown that's a size too small, your left hand smeared in illegible stamp-ink from last night's show, and every single band SUCKED and you didn't even get LAID, so today it's just you and some cigarette butts dirty clothes other crap on your bed, you're feeling ugly and fat and whorish and useless and desperately in love with someone who'd never give a second look to a filthy shrew in such a condition, and the girls with the least cake are walkin' into your bakery and sniffing around, yanking on the red-and-white string, asking for samples, and you want them to fucking DIE.

Also Hole's covers were really bang-up: Go download "Over the Edge," "He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)," "Valerie Loves Me," "Unsatisfied," "Gold Dust Woman," or the more rockish version of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" that was on the Australian "Malibu" single. After you've downloaded those, read Miss Love's Usenet and AOL postings from 1994, which are a grand old rocknroll riot.