May 23, 2002

Other updates:

Vanilla Coke is as good as Cherry Coke. Here's hoping they keep it around.

r.e.m.IX is what's playing when you get your heart broken at a bar on the most depressing, hit-bottom night of your life as one itinerant, effluvial speck in a strobelit city with 10 million headaches waiting to strike. That is to say, it's sorta just there.

DJ Martian's blog is a bountiful resource of music news and noteworthy links. I plan to spend a lot of time there.

And I'm a total idiot for not having mentioned this article at Senses of Cinema: Jeremiah Kipp's interview with film critic Armond White. Two outspoken, erudite writers take each other on, and the product is one hellacool piece of cinecrit.