November 05, 2005

Very telling: a new study about Restless Legs Syndrome suggests the numbness, aching, and need to move around that RLS sufferers experience might be symptomatic of other physical and psychological issues, including stressful situations and anxiety. I've had some bad sciatica in my right leg recently and I'm sure I can attribute it to lingering "radiating" pain from a back injury I incurred a few months ago. With the aid of a chiropractor the back trouble has subsided, while the leg keeps bothering me. It bears mentioning that this is a nutty time in my life -- and in these especially nerve-wracking past couple of weeks, I've noticed that my foot has been falling asleep a lot. For no reason. This wasn't happening before.

Of the article's suggestions, what can I realistically do? I'm working on keeping the diet and exercise under control; I'm GOING to curb my drinking and occasional smoking (really) (but the caffeine and the other drugz stay. I need those). I will be asking my doctor about Requip though.

I mean for this post to be informational and helpful rather than expository and Livejournalish. If I sound unusually neurotic... sorry bout that.


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