March 05, 2005

Gloria Trevi, "En medio de la tempestad"
Thank you Pepsi Música for introducing me to the best 3-minute, 46-second Mexican pop song ever to encompass Cher-trance, Meatloaf/Branigan/Etheridge constipomp, and a middle eight by the Buggles.

And thanks for the first Gloria Trevi video I've seen since our cable package came with The Box (a typical day of Box programming in the summer of '91: the uncensored "Pop That Coochie" video every 15 minutes) (democracy in action, folks). But cable's pretty hot right now too -- even if I only got the Discovery Channel, HGTV, FMC, and the random Spanish station I tuned into today, I'd never need to watch much else.


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