December 06, 2004

Many thanks to those who braved the shitty weather for the split Tokyo Rosemary/Stockholm Cindy birthday FAP (that's "fancy a pint" to you civvies) -- including TR herself, Geeta, and Mr. DJ Paul "Sci-Fi Soul" Kennedy. The venue was Boat on Brooklyn's Smith Street, the jukebox was fashionably indie (with enough dronerock and '70s glam to keep elderly folks like me happy), the drinks were alcoholical. Highlight of the evening (well, really more a hilariously inevitable bit of hipster zeitgeist) was all of us taking out our iPods and comparing notes. Then our friend Matos called and when the phone got passed around to me he asked if I was "iPodding." Teehee.

Also, the jukebox played the Walkmen's "Wake Up," which I hadn't heard in a while and which sounds utterly PERFECT in an empty grungy bar on a rainy Monday night in December. I dunno if I've ever heard the song sound that good on a real stereo.


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