October 26, 2004

I've been kinda out of it these past several months so I have no idea who The Mystical Beast is, except that (a) I'm pretty sure this beast is an ILM-er, and (b) this beast and I seem to be the same person w/r/t our musical interests. Scanning the front page, I'm seeing lots of things I've been big-upping/namechecking 'round town in the recent and not-too-distant past: Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports, Delia Derbyshire, Flux Information Sciences/Services, Mofungo, the Randoms' "Let's Get Rid of New York," and the list goes on. Makes me wanna start posting mp3s here again, but then I'd actually have to write, which I seem to have lost all talent for. However, I do feel a twinge of "hey, I heard that song weeksmonthsyears ago and if I'd taken the initiative and gotten it out there those trendsetter points would be mine!!" Anyway, cheers to my pals in the mp3-blog game; you guys do excellent work.


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