August 30, 2004

More Buenos Aires, because I know you love it as much as I do (and if you're sick of it, go read some pithy publishing gossip or something). Turismo Bs As is one of the most well-designed municipal tourism sites I've ever seen: attractive, intuitive, practical, and up-to-date. Moreover, it doesn't look like it was created with Dreamweaver in 1996 and left to rot.

Nice photo gallery too:

Second Argentina item (and this story's already a month old, but I just found out about it tonight):

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina [AP-Latin America] - Paint the polar bear purple and the crowds will come.

That seems to be the lesson a zoo in Mendoza has learned, after its 23-year-old bear Pelusa was sprayed with an antiseptic spray that turned her normally white fur a dark shade of violet.

The unusual color — a temporary side effect of the treatment for dermatitis — has turned the aging bear into a minor celebrity in Argentina and prompted thousands of schoolchildren and tourists to make their way to the Jardin Zoologico de Mendoza in the western city beneath the snow-capped Andes.


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