July 15, 2003

Alex Chilton, "Kizza Me" (live on WLYX Memphis, 1975)

Less conspicuously "Beatles" than the Sister Lovers version, but as schmaltz-festooned as Macca's most desperate wedding-entertainer-in-knight's-clothing showbiz, and about as pitiful and grotesque as Lennon's acid-faced R-and-Beemo freakshow. He overenunciates his T's like he's fucked up enough to slur his speech but still cognizant and motor-coordinated enough to correct himself, and yet too far afield to remember that voices carry and under the influence a mutter can turn into a sputter, a silly love song into a hollow-bellied barrel of spit-pickled vitriol. I wanna FEEL YOU, DEEP INSIDE -- funny thing for a man to sing to a woman, unless he's implying (which I'm getting from Chilton's tone of voice) that she's fuckin' him up the ass, and he's drunkenly egging her on, bellowing 'rape me, my friend' (and he says he wants to WHITE out, not "black out"; he WANTS to see those shooting stars coming up rushes in the blazing-Technicolor uncensored director's cut). Yeah, kizza me. You know where.