August 04, 2005

yet another blog-meme-hoonjadoonja...

Last Road Trip - Princeton Junction, NJ to Phoenix, AZ in three days

Last Bad Advice - most of the advice i get is bad advice (i never take it)

Last Movie I Saw in a Theater - can't remember. i've hardly seen anything in a theater this year. if i saw anything, it was music-related and/or a revival of some sort.

Last TV Show Watched - a good eats rerun

Last TV Show I Enjoyed Watching - same

Last Book I Tried to Read - a pdf of julian cope's krautrocksampler

Last Thing I Left Home Without - my checkbook. i took it out of my purse earlier; there's little to no reason for it to stay in there.

Last Take Out Meal - cheese danish and coffee, yesterday morning.

Last Celebration - the night before i left tucson

Last Item Loaned Out and Haven’t Gotten Back - can't remember. usually if i loan something out i fully expect that i'll never see it again

Last New Word of a Foreign Language Learned - esphyr slobodkina

Last T-Shirt Acquired - twee-preppy; pink and white stripes, a little too tight. not really a "t-shirt" per se.

Last Package Received - a parcel post box that i sent out from tucson -- clothing and sundries

Last Web Site Visited -

Last Injury - bad back from lifting heavy boxes yesterday

Last Run In with the Law - not the law, but somebody gave me a hard time last week for wanting to take a picture of their garbage

Last Place I’d Want to Live - right now, at this juncture in my life, anywhere that isn't new york

Last Physical Fight - high school

Last Magazine Read - the nation, the one with deep throat on the cover

Last Thing I Broke - my mind

Last Thing I Fixed - my camera

Last Thing That Made Me Laugh - dan perry's post about pills 'n' duct tape

Last Thought - i want to marry the version of "baby honey" on the "million tears" 12"


At 7:26 PM, Blogger sammo said...

I enjoyed browsing your flickr photostream. As a result I decided to check out your blog.

I was so pleased to see the "last words" concept being used by someone other than me. How cool.

I look forward to seeing more of your pics and reading more of your posts.


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